Monday, May 3, 2010


I just turned double nickel today. Well really yesterday, since now we're an hour and 19 minutes into the 4th of May. We had a simple celebration consisting of a pizza and for dessert a Baskins and Robbins mud pie with mint chocolate chip ice cream. (You can tell which one I favored most just by the amount of details I gave to each.) Love my ice cream and chocolate.

My husband, daughter, her boyfriend and I played Uno. Now that might not sound too exciting and well it isn't, but we got into such a stupid mood. Bad jokes and the retelling of dumb situations we remembered, had the bunch of us hysterical. We swear there was something in the pie.

It was good to laugh so hard and to look at them wiping their eyes. That was my present, though I know they didn't plan it to be because who knew those moments of sitting around a table with a worn out deck of cards would turn out to be so funny. Money could never buy that. And the present wasn't just for me. It's those times that make us close and remember what we liked about each other. It brings us together even when we're apart later on.
Here's hoping you share some presents with your loved ones.