Sunday, November 25, 2012

Do You Know the Title?

As writers we all know titles are important. They help catch the eye drawing a person to pick up that book or read the review of a movie.  I recently came across an article stating some working titles that didn't make it onto the finished product. Finding it interesting, I thought you might enjoy a little quiz on just that subject.

Below are the working and final titles of some well known books and movies.  Can you match them?


1)  Pride and Prejudice                                        A) The Last Man in Europe

2) To Kill a Mockingbird                                     B) Before this Anger

3) Gone with the Wind                                        C) First Impressions

4) Atlas Shrugged                                                  D) Four and a Half Years of
                                                                                          Struggle Against Lies,  
                                                                                          Stupidity and Cowardice

5) 1984                                                                      E) Atticus

6) Mein Kampf                                                        F) Tomorrow is Another

7) Roots                                                                    G) The Strike


1) Unforgiven                                                    A) The Last First Kiss

2) Pretty Woman                                              B) The Loners

3) E.T                                                                     C) The Cut Whore  Killings
                                                                                 (the title was changed twice 
                                                                                    before settling)

4) Dirty Harry                                                     D) 3000

5) Easy Rider                                                       E) A Boy's Life

6) Hitch                                                                F) Dead Right


Pride and Prejudice - (C) First Impressions                
 To Kill a Mockingbird - (E)  Atticus
Gone with the Wind - (F) Tomorrow is Another Day    
Atlas Shrugged - (G)The Strike
1984 - (A)The Last Man in Europe                            
Roots - (B) Before This Anger
Mein Kampf - (D)Four and a Half years of Struggle Against . . . (No wonder they shortened it to My Struggle)
*I was going to use the Great Gatsby but F. Scott Fitzgerald had about 6 working titles.

Unforgiven - (C) The Cut Whore Killings                    
Pretty Woman - (D) 3000
E.T  - (E) A Boy's Life                                                
Dirty Harry - (F) Dead Right
Easy Rider - (B) The Loners                                          
Hitch - (A) The Last First Kiss

So how many did you already know?  Did any surprise you? Hope you enjoyed my little quiz.  Thanks for stopping by.

Sources: Huff Post Entertainment, Wikipedia, IMDb, and Mental Floss

Monday, November 19, 2012


                                Hurry we must make it to the stores before 8!

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and with it Black Friday. I personally don't like Black Friday and try not to shop on that day.  I hate the crowds and I seem to catch good sales on other days without getting caught up in that frenzy.

 You've probably have heard there are enough petitions to stuff a turkey against stores trying to get a jump on that day and opening for business on Thanksgiving .  (If you want you can go to  to sign any number of them.)    As you can imagine, I'm against opening up on Thanksgiving.  To me it 's just wrong.  It's a day to reflect, to appreciate the things that truly matter and if possible spend time with people you care about. ( My father and his wife have passed on and my mother and sister live in another state but they will all be at our table, if only in our thoughts.) It's a shame people have to leave their families behind because they have to work.

In fairness I have to report that Target said on their blog,  A Bullseye View,   "The holiday season is highly competitive, and Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest shopping times of the year. Target’s opening time was carefully evaluated with our guests and team members in mind. Our opening time this year reflects the feedback we have heard from our guests – many prefer to shop following their family gatherings rather than in the very early hours of the morning."   They also state they asked for volunteers and had not forced anyone to work.  But I have to wonder, in this economy, would one feel pressured into working? If they're seasonal workers, probably. Do they feel it would be a check mark against them if they didn't?  Could be, I don't know for sure.  Remember, this is Target's rendition of the facts.

 And who are these consumers, whom they speak of, who are so hell bent on shopping? What, there's no other sales for the next four weeks they can go to? Is cooking and having company not enough that they have to walk for hours from store to store?  And if there has to be one,  why can't Black Friday come a week after Thanksgiving?  What priorities are we accepting and teaching our children if we allow Thanksgiving to be violated ?

I know this is more of a rant  but I just don't get it.

Do you shop on Black Friday? Are you going to shop on Thanksgiving?  If you are tell me what I'm missing here.  Thanks.

A little side note: Small Store Saturday - support the little businesses that are a part of America's  hometown.  Also checkout craft sites or go to craft shows for unique gifts. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

For all who have served and those who will in the future, we thank you from the bottom of ours hearts for your selfless gift.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Lady Debate

On October 18, Jimmy Kemmel had a segment asking people, on Hollywood Blvd., who they thought won the First Lady Debate between Michelle Obama and Ann Romney.  Most thought Michelle had won while another thought Ann had.  These people went on about how Michelle was more aggressive and accurate.   One did admit to having only watched part of it.  The Ann supporter was asked if there was anything in particular that Ann said.  The woman replied, no I just like the way she looks. 

The trouble with all this is there is no such thing as a First Lady Debate.  Nada.  Zilch.  So what’s going on here?  Are they transferring what they saw the candidates do to the candidate’s wives?  Or have we been bombarded with so many ads, talk shows appearances and “news” of these women that it seems they have done a debate?  Maybe but that doesn’t really explain how people actually “watched” it.

Or could it be something entirely different – vanity.  Could these people, when approached by a reporter, want not to appear uninformed or stupid so they agree there was one and proclaim their views about this fictitious debate?  Sounds a little like The Emperor’s New Clothes, doesn’t it?

I have to admit this insight has me a tad worried about the American voter.  If they believe they saw the First Lady Debate what other things are they being swayed into thinking?

Why do you think people said they watched something that didn't happen?

Note: this was to have been posted sooner but Sandy had other plans for me.