Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where Can She Be?

Since things have calmed down, I figured ok let's get back to writing. eh eh. I've got my hero and heroine, I know basically what's suppose to happen and I know the ending but . . . . My muse, as skitzy as she was, has definitely left the building now and the words and ideas I had are running in circles or jumping off the cliff into the abyss. Jeez. Maybe I could leave a trail of Reese's Piece's leading to my room to draw her out? Nah, if she's anything like me she'd want Lindt dark chocolate truffles. But then she'd have to fight me for them. I'm sure that won't help the relationship any. : )

To make things even more difficult, this will be written in the third person, which I don't feel comfortable doing but I feel it is the POV to use. (My first ms was in the first person and I was able to get into my character so much easier.) So I'm reading more books with that POV trying to see how everyone does it without head hopping. Will this help, I'll find out soon enough.

And to top it off, when I sit looking at the blank page I start to wonder if I should even be writing a romance. I know my strength is more towards action and fight scenes. I know you can have both in one story but action stories are faster paced and romance needs to go slower in order for the reader to relate to the couple. Ah, I'll figure it out or I'll put it up and try something else. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


An idea occured to me as I drove to work this morning. If, at your death, your heart was weighed, as the ancient Egyptians believed would happen, which way would the scale tip?
What constitutes the goodness or badness of a person? Can we make up for past transgressions? I guess it depends on your beliefs.

If you got a peek at the scale say every twenty years, would you change your ways if what you saw was unfavorable? Would you run off to the nearest soup kitchen, plant a tree, take in a stray or reach out to someone you didn't know? Or would you say the heck with it I'm screwd anyway, and continue on the same crappy path?

It all comes down to choices. Some large, some small. Some that are realized, some that are intangible. Those we can live with and those we can't. Should I eat the apple or not.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm sorry for all my venting. I was depressed. I've decided to not participate any more with that Sci-fi group. I feel better now. Looking forward to the Luncheon in June with my other group. "Talk" to you next week.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life's strange

Well people, a lot has happened since I last posted anything. There have been meetings, discussions, readings of members views, lies, deception and accusations. There will be a civility policy and a dispute resolution procedure created in hopes to stop this from ever happening again.

I got my scores back from my entry in the Betwwen the Sheets contest. The judges had me as average with scores of 39, 48, and 36 out of 60. At least my husband thinks I'm sexy. : ) But I wanted feedback and two of the judges only gave me about two lines of comments besides their scores. The third wrote something for almost each question. That's what I was looking for. They all seemed to agree that I should get into the character's heads more. Oh well, I'll put that story aside for awhile, maybe even longer. I've got another story I want to do.

On the lighter side, I finished judging the 4 entries for the Daphne. I'm going to a "girls night out" dinner with three of my friends. Hanging with friends is something I very, very, rarely do. So I'm kind of psyched. Maybe I can talk them into hitting a bar too. I won nine books at Barbara Vey's blog party. I guess they'll be arriving soon. My daffodils are blooming and that always brings me a smile. And my family is doing pretty well. Hope you are too.
~ Donna