Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Pit

Sometimes I feel critiquing is like walking a path permeated with holes that are lined with pointed sticks. You're just not sure which way to go to avoid falling in. And if you don't watch out, you might drag someone down with you or you might not help that person at all.

How far can you go, should you go? How much does the author, of the work you're looking at, want to hear? Does being kind, help? Is there such a thing as being too critical? I know it's hard to read evaluations of your ms. I have, at times, gotten my back up about some comments. (Yes, dear reader, unfortunately it's true.) I like trying to discuss the remarks made by the person, explain what I was thinking. If they can see what I was attempting maybe they could give me suggestions on how to make it clearer. But most people don't want to confer; taking such actions as a challenge to their opinions and that can start a whole new situation. Been there, done that, don't want a repeat performance. But if you want to be a good writer, you have to be able to shoulder the constructive critisim. I know, I know, I should listen to my own words. But I am getting better.

Which brings me back to how far should you go? What do you do when you critque someone's work? That's my question for you. Care to respond? ~ Donna

PS- Please don't criticize my picture/layout. I really wanted the picture between the 1st and 2nd paragraphs. After over 4 hours of copying, trying to get the picture to load (my computer wouldn't open up the file) and reading the little help suggestions, I finally e-mailed it to Blogger and this is where it landed. Hey, I was just happy to finally to get a picture up. My first picture. Yay!!!! : )

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