Monday, March 22, 2010

Yes again

A thousand apologies for not posting last week. I'll give you 348 guesses why I didn't. That's right. The trouble with the writing group was still boiling. I knew you were smart and didn't need all of those guesses. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel and as the old adage goes, I hope it isn't a train. Hopefully one more week and it should be more or less cleared up or it will explode into something I don't even want to contemplate. C'est la vie!

Since I had been creatively dysfunctional during this time, I decided to participate in Barbara Vey's virtual blog party. She has it every year to celebrate her anniversary with Publishers Weekly. It's fun. It's silly. And it's just the right thing for a marshmellowed brain person to do. Barbara tells everyone where it is virtually held, who some of the guests are, what they brought to the party and what kind of entertainment there is. Then people post anything they want. Most just say hi but it's more fun to respond to what Barbara has said is happening or to other bloggers.

My friend, Dawn came up with all these crazy characters who were dancing, drinking and flirting with all the women. She also came up with a little ditty called The Neglected Husband Blues -
- da da da da. I loved it. I came up with Eton, a cajun ghost, whom I met while the party was in a mansion in New Orleans. He then followed me to New York, England and Paris. I was just really getting into it and then it ended last Saturday. Oh well. It was good to be a bit zany. It helped to break the tension I was feeling. It was a pause. A much needed one at that. Next year I'll put down when it will be held and if there's anybody out there, they can come and join us.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

All Join In

Sorry for not posting last week. There had been a riff in one of the writing groups I belong to and it has held my time and mind prisoner for awhile. I'm still trying to fight it's bonds. People were hurt and a group is possibly damaged. And it's still going on. It's BS. I just got another e-mail. Round 439 has started and the bindings immediately got tighter. I feel like I'm Houdini, stuck in the middle of one of his escape tricks and I've got amnesia.

I'm listening to You can all join in by Traffic. It's jaunty beat and words are making me smile a bit. Maybe it will make you smile too. I happen to like the whole cd. I originally had it when it was an album. Am I dating myself? Oh well it happens. : )

Here's a little song you can all join in with
It's very simple and I hope it's new
Make your own words up if you want to
Any old words that you think will do
Yellow, blue, what'll I do?
Maybe I'll just sit here thinking
Black, white, stop the fight
Does any of these colors ever bother you?

Here's a little dance you can all join in with
It's very simple and I hope it'd new
Make your own steps up if you want to
Any old steps that you think will do
Left, right, don't get uptight
Keep in line and you'll be alright
Clap hands, move around
Make sure no one puts you down

Here's a little world you can all join in with
It's very simple and I hope it's new
Make your own life up if you want to
Any old life that you think will do
Love you, it's nothing new
There's someone much worse off than you are
Help me set them free
Just be what you want to be