Tuesday, April 20, 2010


An idea occured to me as I drove to work this morning. If, at your death, your heart was weighed, as the ancient Egyptians believed would happen, which way would the scale tip?
What constitutes the goodness or badness of a person? Can we make up for past transgressions? I guess it depends on your beliefs.

If you got a peek at the scale say every twenty years, would you change your ways if what you saw was unfavorable? Would you run off to the nearest soup kitchen, plant a tree, take in a stray or reach out to someone you didn't know? Or would you say the heck with it I'm screwd anyway, and continue on the same crappy path?

It all comes down to choices. Some large, some small. Some that are realized, some that are intangible. Those we can live with and those we can't. Should I eat the apple or not.

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  1. I heard that animals guard the gates to the afterworld. Since you are so pawsome, I'd say you're good to go. :)