Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's no wonderland

Well as most of you know the the northeast was hit pretty hard with a blizzard.  Stores were crowded and lines formed at gas stations the day before as memories of hurricane Sandy screamed in their brains.  I live on the south shore of Long Island and luckily we only got about 11" of the white stuff.  Others I know, who live further north, received about 30".  

Since this is what's been preoccupying me, for the last couple of days, I figured I'd share it with you.  It has nothing to do with the fact I am out of shape and have been tired after shoveling that I hadn't gotten to the blog. No that's not it at all.  

                     Route 25 in Suffolk County.             Photo via Kim Maliadis
                      I'm guessing the green light is a moot point right now. 
                      They just had to go out and get that bag of munchies.

My daughter and I tried to make a snowman but the snow was too powdery.  We opted for a symbol of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Hey, you have to be flexible and work with what you have, right?

   This is really a two story building.  Okay, only kidding, it's a ranch.  I know.  I didn't fool you. : )

   Yeah, my daughter and I had some shoveling to do.  That's three cars side by side.

  I shot this through my backdoor because the screen door was frozen closed.  I couldn't get out.

                 I happen to like this tree, so you get to view it too.

Tell me how you fared with this storm.  If you weren't affected, have you ever been in a blizzard and what did you do to pass the time while it snowed.  Did you get to make a snowman when it was done?


  1. Here in the city a while back, the mayor took a verbal beating about response time and snow removal. He wasn't taking any chances this time so plows and salt spreaders were out the day before, and were rolling down the streets as the snow started falling.

    We were lucky - only about 10" of very powdery stuff, like what you had, Donna, so it took no time to shovel out of the way.

    I remember a horrible storm about 15 years ago. Ice fell before snow. I had to drive from Staten Island to Queens that evening and was one of the last cars allowed over the Verrazano before they closed it... and then the Gowanus was closed and we were detoured to the busy, icy streets of Bay Ridge. Now, I love Brooklyn, but not under those conditions. It took me four hours to get home that night - 40 miles in 4 hours. Crazy. THAT was a storm. This, for us, was a cloud-sneeze.

    1. It took us awhile to shovel because it had drifted all around the cars. It was deeper there, almost to my knees in some spots. And then you had what the plows pushed up. But hey it could have been worse.

      40 miles in 4 hours! That is crazy. I hate situations like that. At least you got home safe.

      Thanks for coming by.

  2. Enough snow all ready! We've had quite a bit here and I feel for you.
    Love your Devil's tower. A perfect depiction for how you feel from all the shoveling because this is the frigid side of hell.

    Best to you!

    1. lol Yeah I think the temp only got up to 30 degrees on Saturday but when you're working, you stay pretty warm.

      My neighbor thought our Devil's Tower was a volcano. I kind of see it. Glad you liked it.

      Thanks for popping in.

  3. We had fun shoveling 5 cars out from under 22" of snow. Took 6 people 3 hours and my property isn't even that big! There was just so much.

    The plows made a few passes, but did a lousy job. Now it's raining and that left-behind snow is turning into slippery slush....ugh! Still now as bad as Sandy :)

    1. Yeah at least most people retained their power and if they did lose it it came back on by the next day.

      Jeepers at least you had that many hands to help with shoveling.

      Thanks for commenting, Maggie

  4. We didn't make a snowman. My kid's not the cold weather sort, and I'm fine with that. I played in the snow enough as a kid growing up in the Adirondack Mountains. :)

    This is the worst snowstorm I've experienced here on Long Island (been here 22 years), and it tied for scariest commute home. I usually make it home in 25 minutes, but was on the road in white-out conditions for over two hours. I was seriously concerned the volume of snow would cause us to all stop. That's what happened on Rte 25 and the LIE an hour or so after I got home.

    I didn't shovel. My husband did all the work himself, and took almost 4 hours with a snowblower. He was drenched. Good thing the man is in excellent shape.

    I had to venture out on the treacherous roads today, as my son had a fever and an abscess. We thought it was in his cheek but the pediatrician says it's in the lower gum line. He's on antibiotics and has an appt with the dentist tomorrow. Fun. We almost didn't make it up one of the snowy-slushy hills on our way there. The main roads are clear near us, but very wet with lots of flooding. It's dangerous turning because the snowpiles are so high and most of the side roads only have one lane plowed (and quite poorly I might add).

    Still, I'm thankful to have power and that I actually could get out of our development to get my son medical treatment. Others here in Suffolk aren't so lucky.

    Early Spring, here we come!

    1. I hope your son recovers quickly from the abscess.
      I like your optimism- I second it - Early Spring here we come.

      Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my goodness! I cannot relate at all. I feel for y'all.

    Meanwhile, we've had an uncharacteristically warm weather down in Texas--even in the 70s. But my sons would love it if you could send some of that snow our way!

    1. If we did figure out how to send it down to you guys, I'm sure Conn., NY, NJ and the rest of the states that were hit would be hustling it down to you before you could blink.

      Enjoy your 70 degrees. It got up to 40 today around here. Yay.

      Appreciate you coming by.