Sunday, December 30, 2012

3 Words

GMA has a segment called Your Three Words, where viewers send in their sentiments in, obviously, three words.  I first saw it on December 28,2011 on ABC World News and it really touched me.   Unfortunately I can't find that segment so I found another which I liked but I'm not able to load the video so try clicking this link to see it  Three Words.   I hope that one works and these inabilities are not a hint of things to come in 2013.  Jeesh. 

I like the concept of summing up how the week or year went, what we're happy/grateful about, what we're passionate about,  our dreams, our realities - anything in three words.   Can you think of any?  Let's give it a try, eh?    Come up with three words that tell what you want to do in the new year.

Here's a couple of mine:
Get Off Butt
Must Get Organized
Drop the Guilt  
Think of possibilities
        Hey, I'm on a roll here
Keep positive thoughts
Give Thanks Daily
Get in Shape
Protect the Environment
Work that brain!

Okay enough of mine.  Now let me hear from you. 

Chauncey and I want to wish you all a fantastic new year filled with wonderful opportunities, good health, good friends and love.
(Don't mind Chauncey's demeanor.  He's just being silly because he's already started  celebrating.   But he has a good heart  so please forgive him.)


  1. Of 2012 I can say "Glad it's over."

    1. I know it's been a rough year for you but you also got that book contract you've been working to get for so long. Hope this year is gentler for you.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Okay, I'll give it a try. Query those agents. Be More Assertive. Write every day. Stick to diet. Let fear go. Be a friend.

    1. Those are all wonderful and I'll be trying some of them out myself, but stick to diet? You? Come on, you look great. :)

    2. Thanks, Donna, but it comes at a high price. I'm gluten- and dairy-free, which can be difficult at times, but worth it for the sake of my health.

    3. Okay now I understand. That's gotta suck at times. Well here's to you!

  3. My words for the year:
    Publish three books this year
    Be good and true to myself
    Give more hugs.

    Have a Happy New Year and may you prosper in love and life.

    1. Being good and true to myself is something we should all be doing.
      Thanks for the words.

  4. My words for 2012: Unexpected Writing Opportunities.

    My words for 2013: Find the Joy

    At least, those are today's words for next year! Happy new year, hon - I look forward to following you on your blog!

  5. Find the Joy, I like that. If everyone keeps coming up with such good words/ideas, I won't know which one to start with first. lol

    Thank you. You have a wonderful new year, too.

  6. Three words? Maybe Focus on Priorities. Or Keep Moving Forward.

    1. They sound good to me, Julie.
      Thanks for coming by.