Monday, January 24, 2011

Confession Time

Ok time to fess up. I have not written anything, besides the interviews and a few blog posts, for nine months. Yes, nine months. Talk about your writers block, I’ve got a whole barricade –moat and all.

Oh sure I’ve come up with ideas for stories, four in fact with heroines and heroes and main premises. But they sit with their luggage at a closed station waiting for a train to take them their destination. They’ve been there for so long they’ve set up housekeeping. They may be getting a bit too comfortable. When I knock on the door, they don’t answer. Little do they know I could destroy them with a stroke of my pen, but I won’t. They’re smug with that knowledge.

It started, as I said, about nine months ago with big holes in the body of the stories and it has progressed to halting any ideas for my blog. If I do get something down it sounds like crap to me. Being President of a writing group, I feel like a charlatan because besides guiding the group with the help of the Board, I feel I should be writing pages upon pages of spellbinding words. It doesn't happen. As I listen, during the critique period of our meetings, to the great work some of these members have written, I feel inferior almost to the point that if I do conjure up something to read they’d find a hundred faults with it.

I’m also the moderator of our Book in a Week group where I’m suppose to help members meet their writing goals. This should be real interesting (insert sarcasm). But maybe, just maybe, some of those words of wisdom, those hearty cheers will catapult boulders through my wall. I think they will.

Did I tell you this so you could say wow is she screwed up? No, I wanted to show those of you who are out there having problems that you’re not alone. You have to want it and work for it if you want change to come. This little confession has had, for me, a slight cathartic effect. Maybe you could start there - write down all your fears, then rip them up, burn them, get them out of the way. Try taking an online course, that’s what I’m going to do. It will force you to think and write. So would an all day workshop. You can sign up for a conference where there’ll be agents and editors. That will give you a deadline because you’ll need something to pitch. I’ll be doing that at the LIRW annual luncheon and at the RWA conference.

Try different things. There’s no magical cure all except to keep at it.


  1. Very humbling and very REAL, Donna. It's great 2 know that we are NOT alone. Thanks 4 sharing what I'm sure some of us may feel. :)

  2. Thanks Tuere. Like I said, I'll be taking an online course in Feb. It's about using your character's motivation to write the story instead of their goals. I figured trying a different way to tackle the problem might click.
    We'll see what happens.

  3. This is very brave, Donna. May we get through our blocks together.

  4. Thanks Jeannie and Dawn. Your words mean a lot to me. :) Truly. It's been a long time but I'll break through. Something's got to give and not just my sanity. lol

    I wish I knew how to make those little hearts that Dawn makes by her name. I really like them.