Sunday, November 25, 2012

Do You Know the Title?

As writers we all know titles are important. They help catch the eye drawing a person to pick up that book or read the review of a movie.  I recently came across an article stating some working titles that didn't make it onto the finished product. Finding it interesting, I thought you might enjoy a little quiz on just that subject.

Below are the working and final titles of some well known books and movies.  Can you match them?


1)  Pride and Prejudice                                        A) The Last Man in Europe

2) To Kill a Mockingbird                                     B) Before this Anger

3) Gone with the Wind                                        C) First Impressions

4) Atlas Shrugged                                                  D) Four and a Half Years of
                                                                                          Struggle Against Lies,  
                                                                                          Stupidity and Cowardice

5) 1984                                                                      E) Atticus

6) Mein Kampf                                                        F) Tomorrow is Another

7) Roots                                                                    G) The Strike


1) Unforgiven                                                    A) The Last First Kiss

2) Pretty Woman                                              B) The Loners

3) E.T                                                                     C) The Cut Whore  Killings
                                                                                 (the title was changed twice 
                                                                                    before settling)

4) Dirty Harry                                                     D) 3000

5) Easy Rider                                                       E) A Boy's Life

6) Hitch                                                                F) Dead Right


Pride and Prejudice - (C) First Impressions                
 To Kill a Mockingbird - (E)  Atticus
Gone with the Wind - (F) Tomorrow is Another Day    
Atlas Shrugged - (G)The Strike
1984 - (A)The Last Man in Europe                            
Roots - (B) Before This Anger
Mein Kampf - (D)Four and a Half years of Struggle Against . . . (No wonder they shortened it to My Struggle)
*I was going to use the Great Gatsby but F. Scott Fitzgerald had about 6 working titles.

Unforgiven - (C) The Cut Whore Killings                    
Pretty Woman - (D) 3000
E.T  - (E) A Boy's Life                                                
Dirty Harry - (F) Dead Right
Easy Rider - (B) The Loners                                          
Hitch - (A) The Last First Kiss

So how many did you already know?  Did any surprise you? Hope you enjoyed my little quiz.  Thanks for stopping by.

Sources: Huff Post Entertainment, Wikipedia, IMDb, and Mental Floss


  1. Donna,
    Thanks for the fun quiz. I got many of them correct.

    1. You're welcome. So you got many of them correct, huh? Well you sure beat me on that. :)

  2. Interesting. Makes me worry less about the title of my WIP. I've probably changed it three times already and I've only been working on it since August. :)

    What a difference the titles To Kill a Mockingbird and Gone with the Wind make.

    1. Don't they say not to marry your title because the publishers will change it. Right? So I wouldn't worry about it.

      Maybe it's because we've known these titles for so long that hearing another just doesn't feel right, as in To Kill a Mockingbird.

      Thanks for coming by.

  3. I think they were right to change "The Cut Whore Killings." :O

    1. I'm with you, it's not too appealing. lol

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. I guessed Easy Rider and Hitch. That was it. Boy, am I dumb. LOL

  5. I didn't know most of them either. So if you're dumb so am I and I'm not conceding to that. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, Catie.

  6. Pretty Woman is so much more endearing than 3000, glad they didn't go with that!
    Fun quiz.

  7. I agree Pretty Woman is a lot better. Thanks Debora for commenting.

  8. Hey, I got most of them right! As to Mein Kampf, I think the Four and a Half Years of Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice were the years we were struggling against Hitler.

    By the way, I doubt I would have seen a movie called The Cut Whore Killings, but I loved Unforgiven. Glad they changed that name.

  9. Hey congrats, you're up there with Marilyn.

    Thanks for popping in.