Sunday, August 29, 2010

Such is life

This past week I received another rejection letter. They stated that they were intrigued by the succubus heroine and mystery plot but felt the characters were flat and the writing style didn't engage them. Though this isn't the worst letter (for sure) and I'm know there are writers out there who would like to get one like this instead of some of the horrors they've been sent; I wish editor could have told me why they felt that way.

See I'm a little confused. I've had several compliments on my style. I guess it's like my fellow writers tell me, this business is very subjective. Don't get discouraged. As one editor I read said he would have passed on The Da Vinci Code. And we know where that book went. It all depends on the editor or agent who is reading your work. True, but after awhile you feel like the princess who kissed a thousand frogs and the only thing you ended up with is a pair of warty lips.

But life goes on. I have to change the master cylinder and do a tune-up on my car. I also have to get it inspected (it will be passed due on the 1st). Plus I go back to work on the 2nd - I work at a local college. But it's not bad, at least I have a job and a car, right?


  1. Donna, I may be working on an editorial revision, but I've had 22 rejections from agents on the manuscript. Two said there is no way they think it will sell, but I have an editor interested. Go figure.

    You will find a home for your work. Someone will love it. Just don't give up.

  2. And you are optimistic! :)

    See you at the book party!

  3. Donna, sorry you received a rejection. That sucks. But kudos to you for submitting!! Putting our work out there is frightening but a necessary part of the writing journey. And it is a good thing that there were a couple of areas to consider with a fresh eye. COULD there be something you can add to make your characters a bit more lively than they already are (I don't imagine they are flat at all - it is that mean person's perspective lol) however, we can all improve on what we write to some degree. How cool, also, that they were intrigued by your plot line/angle. So many of us writers rehash the same formulaic plot lines.... and here you go, being an original, Yay! So there are some things to like about that dratted letter!

  4. Aw gee thanks, guys. Your words mean a lot to me. :) :) : ) :) :) :)