Monday, July 26, 2010


Diversify the experts say. Get out of your comfort zone. Try writing something totally different.

Well, I did. I did an interview. Having never done one before I scoured other interviews trying to come up with pertinent questions, things that readers will find of interest. I guess it worked. The author I conferred with loved the finished product, said it was wonderful. She was probably happy because it was a mixture of her personal life and plugs for her new and past books. But that's ok for that's what it was suppose to be. I was trying to get people to know her and her writing a little better.

I was surprised how easy it came together. We did it all by email. I asked for some personal background. Then I sent her some questions using that and other sources. She returned her answers which I then copied and pasted into a coherent article. Let her look at it for final approval and Voila! we had an interview.

I'm glad it was easy because I promised to do the same for eight more people. : )


  1. Nice work Donna! I hope they're paying you big bucks to do eight more! :)

  2. Nah, Kate. It's just for the LIRW newsletter. Now if it were for the NY Times, I'd be estatic and a little bit heavier in the wallet. :)